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Online 1 to 1 lessons with skype or any other software you like.


Take lessons from your office or the comfort of your house using any device you prefer.


The teaching material is given free to the students and after every lesson, they get homework and the recording of the lesson, so as to practice at home.


The lessons are customized to the needs of every student. You can attend our lessons for practicing the language, get prepared for a certificate or just because you want to travel and speak with the local people.

Personal Contact

The students are free to contact me whenever they have questions about the lesson. You can contact me through my email, or you can ask for my personal WhatsApp account in order to have immediate contact with me. Usually students prefer this way because they want to practice the language they learn by sending written messages or voice messages. Then, I have the chance to correct their sentences or their accent by sending them my voice message. If you prefer other ways to contact me, let me know! I am always open to new ideas! For children under the age of 16, the contact is done under the supervision of their parents.

Easy learning for all ages

I have been teaching languages for over 15 years and I have worked with 4-year-old children up to 80-year-old adults. I admit that it is totally different to teach a child and the next hour to teach an adult but the truth is that, it is the same interesting for me as a teacher. For children, I use innovative methods in order to make my lessons more attractive for them and less boring. For the adults, I use more practical ways in order to make them feel confident and move on with learning. Well, for me it is the same responsibility, when I teach a child or an adult. I do my best and I will always do it!

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Customers reviews

What students say?

Vraiment c'est une professeur très pédagogique, elle prend son temps, elle explique bien, j'étais ravis vraiment, je recommande.
Lonfo N.
Eirini is a great teacher; practical, encouraging and fun. I feel very confident about being able to learn Greek with her as my teacher.
Chloe S.
Eirini communicated well her pedagogical approach and was able to interpret and understand my needs and how to proceed. She definitely has a love for the French language and for enabling the struggling learner.
Anthony P.
I feel I am beginning to get to grips with some of the language; Eirini works very hard and is easy to talk to and always willing to discuss my questions.
Daniel V.


Hello! I’m Irene and I’m your teacher! I am teaching Greek, English and French. I have worked for many private institutions and private schools but online teaching is the best experience I have ever had. I decided to teach online because I have the opportunity to meet many people from all over the world and at the same time I can enjoy what I love so much; teaching!

Through online teaching, I have met many students with a different culture, a different lifestyle, and a different way of thinking. I can do my lessons from anywhere and whenever I am available. My students and I love this flexibility because they schedule their lessons according to their schedule and they can have their lesson anywhere.

My students trust me because they know they can contact me whenever they want. We have a great communication throughout the lessons and I encourage them to do questions out of the lesson or ask for extra homework. So, our relationship is not typical. A friendship is developed between us and learning becomes more enjoyable and not boring. We even meet when they come in my country and they call me and we keep in touch even if the course is finished.


My vision is to create a community; where students will feel like home and they will be able to learn the language they want having fun! I created a blog where I upload homework and some tips and it would be my pleasure to receive your articles or your questions and upload them on the blog. All languages are accepted. Teachers are also welcome to send me their articles or tips. I also invite the teachers to communicate with me if they love teaching online. I will keep your cv and I will contact you. All languages are accepted.

Contact email: info@multilinguers.com


My lesson is one hour of teaching. During this hour, we cover all the parts of the language: Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, Grammar, Speaking and Listening. The lessons are adapted to the needs of each student. I provide my own material and my worksheets and I keep a file with the progress of each student. The students take tests often, so as to be aware of their progress. The lesson is recorded and sent to the student with homework. The students do not need to buy books or extra material for the lessons. The lessons are done through Skype but if a student prefers another platform, it is welcome. I use a platform where I can interact better with my students but if they do not feel comfortable with the technology, I use Skype. So, before you start your course, let me know which platform you prefer, so as to use the one you like mostly.

My students! You are all welcome to join my class! You can book a free trial lesson with me, so as to show you a part of my work. Thank you!