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We are Multilinguers and it is our pleasure to have you at www.multilinguers.com. This is a community where people from all over the world share their knowledge on languages. Teachers with online experience share their knowledge with students and they do not stay there! A friendship is developed between them and learning becomes pleasant but surely not boring.

To create a bigger community of teachers and students, who will have the chance to develop their knowledge, share it and use it while they work or travel.

Every teacher is selected because of his or her passion to teach online. It is not only the experience or the certificate, which count. It is mostly their love to teach languages.
Indeed, it is totally different to teach online and online teachers can understand the upper meaning of teaching online. They have the chance to meet new people, new cultures only by doing this significant work. To teach by distance. Believe it or not, teaching and learning online is a technological innovation and we need to expand it so as to get as much as we can from this experience.
For this reason, we Multilinguers need teachers with passion and love for languages and at the same time we need students who share the same passion.

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What clients say about us...

Ellen Grace

Ellen Grace

Business Owner, London United Kingdom

"I always wanted to learn French. It is a language I had an interest in but did not know how far I could go with that interest. A friend of mine told me about Multilinguers. I dived into it in a casual manner. However, it got me to learn French pretty easily. It’s so easy to navigate around the website and the accessibility they provide with the multiple platforms for video chats is great. They provide Skype primarily but they really don’t mind using any other platform that you are comfortable with. I am so happy I came across this website. "

Walter Bake

Walter Bake

Independent Artist, Italy

"I was looking for an easy way out to learn Italian as I was to move to Italy with my family. I somehow landed my search on Multilinguers. It was so easy to get started on the learning that I dived into it almost instantly. This proved to be enough a head start to get me going all the way. I have learned a lot here and still continue to learn through this. Multilinguers also came extremely handy to my brother as he was to study abroad and was able to learn basic conversations in a short time. It helped him a lot in conversing in the new land."

Kim Lee

Kim Lee

Freelancer, Japan

"At first when I signed up to the site I did it halfheartedly as I was looking forward to learning Japanese language and they only had the other option for these languages, however nonetheless they provided an excellent Japanese guide that helped me through even the hardest Japanese kanji which was very helpful. I was very impressed by the fact that they even provide guides which are such high experts of their language that they could teach kanji and in such a suitable manner making it look so easy."


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