The Best Way to Learn a Language

We are Multilinguers and it is our pleasure to have you at www.multilinguers.com. This is a community where people from all over the world share their knowledge on languages. Teachers with online experience share their knowledge with students and they do not stay there! A friendship is developed between them and learning becomes pleasant but surely not boring.

To create a bigger community of teachers and students, who will have the chance to develop their knowledge, share it and use it while they work or travel.

Every teacher is selected because of his or her passion to teach online. It is not only the experience or the certificate, which count. It is mostly their love to teach languages.
Indeed, it is totally different to teach online and online teachers can understand the upper meaning of teaching online. They have the chance to meet new people, new cultures only by doing this significant work. To teach by distance. Believe it or not, teaching and learning online is a technological innovation and we need to expand it so as to get as much as we can from this experience.
For this reason, we Multilinguers need teachers with passion and love for languages and at the same time we need students who share the same passion.

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